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Karacotta Ceramics was launched in August 2017, with the mission to bridge the gap between ‘aspirational’ and ‘possible.’ We believe that a beautiful space cultivates creativity and a richer life experience. Everyone deserves to live and work in a space they truly adore. We create one-of-a-kind functional art pieces for everyday living. Each line is created with intention, and each piece is handmade in Austin using a multi-step process over the course of many days. Inspired by nature, Karacotta Ceramics incorporates organic elements and natural processes into the work. 

Our Intention

Provide the highest-quality, functional, approachable ceramics, for every day life. 

We channel our intention through our production. Our Company culture is one of empowerment, personal development, and integrity. We offer our assistants the tools to learn about themselves and reach their highest potential, and this comes to life in the pieces we make. Talented, dedicated assistants are what make Karacotta Ceramics unique and successful. 

Our Core Values 

• Quality Pieces - Our clients come back time and time again.  

• Assistant Education/Investment - We consistently invest in our core assistants; quality over quantity in all hiring decisions. 

• Integrity - We keep our word. 

• Community - We are invested in our clients lives and each other, far beyond production and studio. 

• Entrepreneurship - Everyone treats Karacotta Ceramics as their own business, we are all looking for ways to market and innovate our business. We pay and reward assistants accordingly. 

• Inclusive - Everyone is welcomed, always. 

• Fun - We laugh often and hard, and we do not take ourselves too seriously.